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Processing Stages

State-of-the-art quarrying and cutting equipment, such as the cutting machines, coupled with skill, methodology and decades of experience are the company's main strengths, guaranteeing quality, elegance and style in production, precision and reliability in delivery and professionalism in obtaining excellent results.


The stone is extracted from our Custonaci quarries in the Cofano and Chiova areas with state-of-the-art diamond cutters and is mechanically transported away, taking the utmost care at this stage not to damage the stone.

The blocks of marble are taken to the two cutting points in Custonaci (Purgatorio) and Valderice (Bonagia/Fondo Malato).

Cutting and chipping

Straight from the mountain, the stone is squared off using techniques developed by the company over the many years of its experience, and is then ready for cutting into marble slabs or marble tiles.

Once at the factory, the stone blocks are sorted according to the veining and their final destination, and are taken to the machine block to get cut into slabs or to the chipping machine. The marble cutting machines are all fitted with numerical controlled diamond saw blades for fast, precision cutting.

Restoration and polishing

The slabs are baked in special ovens, then resined and left to dry before undergoing polishing. The chips are similarly plastered, resined and then cleaned and/or polished.

The company uses only the latest polishing techniques for slabs and chips guaranteeing our clients the finest quality products second to none, including that of the semi-processed products.